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Term Insurance Rates by Age

These days, it seems like the price of most things that we have to buy has been increasing every month. That might be true of food, utilities, gasoline, and even entertainment. However, that has not been true of term life insurance, and that might be one reason why some people think that term life costs more than it really does. A Kiplinger article called Time to Reprice Your Life Insurance says that the cost of insuring a 40-year-old man with a 20 year term policy might be less than half as much as it was in 1994.

Let Us Help You Find Affordable Term Life Insurance Rates

At United Life Group, we make it easy to compare term insurance rates by age and location, and all you need to do is enter your home ZIP code in order to begin using our free life insurance quote system. We also provider personal service over the phone, and you are also welcome to pick up the phone to speak with an experienced agent. We hope to help each client find cheap term life insurance from one of the best term life insurance companies in the country.

Why Do You Need to Compare Term Insurance Rates by Age and Location?

Two of the main factors that might impact your premiums are your age and the city you live in. Some other important things insurers consider are:

  • Health:People who enjoy very good health should get cheaper rates, but people with chronic health issues may have to pay more.
  • The amount of coverage:Obviously, a term policy with a $50,000 death benefit will be cheaper than a term policy with a $1,000,000 death benefit.
  • Policy benefits:Some term policies also allow consumers to select additional options like disability or critical illness riders.

However, when you compare term life insurance rates, you will notice a difference in premiums between companies for the exact same type of policy. A $20 a month difference might not seem like much, but that adds up to almost $5,000 over the entire life of a 20 year term policy.

How to Find Cheap Term Life Insurance

We want you to enjoy your life insurance policy because you are satisfied that we have helped you find a good deal from one of the best life insurance companies. We only work with highly rated insurers with competitive rates. You can find lots of top insurers in your local area, but it is impossible to know which one will offer you the best deal until you take the time to compare rates and plans. In order to help you find the price and benefits that are best for you, we provide free online quotes that you can access with by entering your home ZIP code. Additionally, our experienced life insurance agents are eager to answer your questions and help you enroll over the phone.