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Term Life Insurance Quotes

When comparing term life insurance quotes for the same individual and same amount of coverage, it might be possible to find rates that vary by $50 or more dollars a month. Since this can add up to thousands of dollars for a 20- or 30-year term policy, it is a good idea to compare term life insurance quotes from multiple insurance companies.

We can help with our quick and efficient online quotes for 20 years and 30-year term life. It takes seconds to complete the form. In return, you will get to see offers for different amounts of coverage from top companies displayed right on your computer. If you are attracted to any of these offers, simply click through for more details and contact information.

Comparing Term Life Insurance Quotes

The right term life insurance quotes might depend upon age, the amount of coverage needed, and available insurers. For example, seniors who are still fairly healthy might find affordable 10- to 20-year term life. Typically, insurers stop selling term to older people in their 60s or 70s, so then the solution is to look for senior life insurance, which is a kind of whole life.

For a cheap option for growing families or younger people with a mortgage to cover, 30-year term life insurance quotes might be the right answer.

These are some sample quotes for a 30-year term for a 36-year-old California man who does not smoke, is healthy, and has good health habits:

  • $400,000: $43 per month
  • $200,000: $26 per month
  • $50,000: $18 per month

Note: These term life insurance quotes are just samples, and your own quotes might vary depending upon health, location, and other factors.

Factors that affect prices include age, location, type of insurance, and the amount of coverage. However, even different insurers in the same city may charge wildly different term life insurance quotes for the same individual. In one example, the monthly quote for a 40-year-old man for the same 20-year and $100,000 policy were different by $50 a month. Since this adds up to $600 in one year and $12,000 in 20 years, it illustrates the point that it is very worth it get a handful of different quotes.

What About No Exam Term Life Insurance Quotes?

It’s really handy to be able to apply for a policy on the Internet. Some insurers will even issue coverage within a few days. However, it might not always be frugal to skip the term life insurance exam. For people who are in reasonably good health, an exam can help them get rated into a preferred class with much lower premiums.

Insurers pay for these exams. Most of the time, they are conducted by a paramedic who will schedule an appointment in a home or office. It’s a little bit of trouble, but for typical applicants, it can be the path to lower prices in the years to come.

How to Compare Term Life Insurance Quotes Online

How can you find the cheapest term life insurance quotes from the best insurers?

We can help you find and check premiums for local insurers for children, young adults, and seniors. Take a few moments to enter your zip code, submit the form, and then see offers in your town or city. If you want more help, you are very welcome to click through any of the offers or get assistance via phone or by email.